Synthetic Organic Materials

PhiChem’s chemicals manufacturing complex, located in Anqing, Anhui Province, has been the manufacturing site for several of the key materials that make up our UV curable formulations.  Over the years, our manufacturing capabilities have diversified to serve other sectors, including pharmaceutical and liquid crystal (display) raw materials.  We are actively evaluating other opportunities in the synthetic organic chemicals space, to collaborate with companies that are looking for a manufacturing partner for new products, or for a toll-manufacturer for existing products.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical (Pharma) Intermediates:

PhiChem’s growing capabilities in the area of organic synthesis enables scalable and cost-effective production of key intermediates for the pharmaceutical (pharma) industry. Manufacturing of these intermediates takes place in our Anqing (Anhui Province) chemical manufacturing complex, in state-of-the-art production facilities. A representative list of intermediates has been provided below, along with chemical abstracts services number (CAS NO.) and molecular formula (MF). Please contact us to learn more about our pharma intermediates portfolio.

Representative List of PhiChem Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Ethyl BromoacetateCAS NO:105-36-2MF:C4H7BrO2
1-Chloroethyl ChloroformateCAS NO:50893-53-3MF:C3H4Cl2O2
Benzyl BromideCAS NO:100-39-0MF:C7H7Br
1-Bromo-5-ChloropentaneCAS NO:54512-75-3MF:C5H10BrCl
CyclohexylbenzeneCAS NO:827-52-1MF:C12H16
1-Chloroethylcyclohexyl CarbonateCAS NO:99464-83-2MF:C9H15ClO3
1,5-DibromopentaneCAS NO:111-24-0MF:C5H10Br2
1,5-DichloropentaneCAS NO:628-76-2MF:C5H10Cl2
Cyclohexyl ChlorideCAS NO:542-18-7MF:C6H11Cl
1-Chloroethyl Ethyl CarbonateCAS NO:50893-36-2MF:C5H9ClO3
1-Chloroethyl Isopropyl CarbonateCAS NO:98298-66-9MF:C6H11ClO3
Methyl BromoacetateCAS NO:96-32-2MF:C3H5BrO2
Ethyl-7-Chloro-2-Oxo-HeptanoateCAS NO:78834-75-0MF:C9H15ClO3

PhiChem Pharmaceutical Intermediates Product (View Brochure)

Liquid Crystal Monomers

Liquid Crystal Monomers (Singles)

PhiChem’s HCCH Liquid Crystal business unit is one of the leading suppliers of liquid crystal materials to the information display industry.  Every liquid crystal display (LCD) used in portable electronics, TV, automotive, avionics and industrial applications, utilizes a tailored liquid crystal composition to achieve the desired display properties.  Each composition is a carefully formulated mixture of several liquid crystal “singles” or “monomers”, with each monomer serving a specific function in the mixture.  While HCCH sells a wide variety of liquid crystal mixtures, we sell selected liquid crystal singles to developers of liquid crystal mixtures.  The following represents our liquid crystal singles product portfolio:

Biphenyl Structures:
Features: High refractive index
Representative monomer:


Indene-Biphenyl Structures:
Features: High dielectric constant, Hight refractive index
Representative monomer:


Representative monomer:

Ester Based

Negative anisotropy structures:
Features: Negative anisotropy, Application in VA liquid crystal
Representative monomer:

Negative anisotropy

Ethylene-terminated structures:
Features: Low viscosity, High refractive index
Representative monomer:

Ethylene-terminated structures

Negative liquid crystal monomer
characteristics: Application in VA liquid crystal
representative monomer:

Negative liquid crystal monomer

End of the liquid crystal monomer ethylenically
characteristics: low viscosity, a large refractive index
Representative monomers:

liquid crystal monomer