PhiChem (Anqing) Wins Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award

On April 11, 2019, the Annual Science and Technology Award Conference of Anhui Province released the list of 2018 Annual Science and Technology Award Projects. PhiChem’s manufacturing hub in Anqing (Anqing PhiChem) received the second prize for science and technology progress for its “Research & Development and Application of 10000t /a UV Curing Optical Fiber Coating Resin” project.  The science and technology progress category of the provincial science and technology award is awarded to an organization and its personnel for making major technological inventions in terms of products, processes, methods, materials and systems, by using advanced scientific and technological expertise.

Anqing PhiChem company is a high-tech enterprise that provides advanced materials and specialty chemicals for the high-tech manufacturing sectors, including optical communications, electronics, semiconductors and displays. The company was recognized as Anhui Enterprise Technology Center in 2012, and Anhui UV Curing Materials Engineering Research Center was established in 2016. It is one of the largest suppliers of fiber optic cable coating materials in China. It has been awarded nine invention patents for its leading products and 17 scientific and technological achievements in the past three years.